In a time where the current political climate surrounding news media and its reliability is as heightened as ever, many news consumers do not know where to look for reliable information.

As a team, we discovered our passion for the right of access to unbiased information for all media consumers. These users frequently use pre-downloaded news applications which present the same one-sided news media outlets, and do not encourage any form of open conversation.

By curating relevant stories, encouraging active participation in discussions, and comparing opposing opinions; we were able to design a web extensions and mobile application for the modern news consumer.


Team Roles:

Gwendolyn Leister: UX Design, Graphics, Research, & Ideation
Shamar Jospeh: UX Design, Graphics, Motion Design, Research, & Ideation
Jess Zuckerman: UX Design, Research, Interviews, & Ideation
Zhaolin Cai: UX Design, Research, & Ideation


THe Opportunity

Today’s news media consumers lack the healthy media consumption habits that would allow them to develop adequate media literacy.


The Problem

Current news apps do not bring or present relevant information about the publishers, writers, and editors to the forefront of the stories, thus preventing readers from thinking critically about the content in the news.

Humankind needs to be taught how to process information that is stored through technology. Education needs to be geared toward the handling of data rather than the accumulation of data.
— David Berlo, Center for Media Literacy (1975)
Three-fourth of Americans believe news media tend to favor one side.
— The Modern News Consumer, Pew Research Center (2016)

Survey & Interview Findings


The internet is more convenient than TV for younger generations.

The majority of internet users barely scratch the surface of its capabilities.

The internet has become another limb for younger generations.


USer Personas & Journey Maps


The Dashboard

Features a personalized Daily Digest, chronologically listed Latest News and curated Threads feed offer different opportunities to learn about current events in an engaging way.


Articles, quotes and Threads

Stay updated conversation about a particular news story or topic stemming from an initial article. Here users can find added Lines of quotes from other sources offering more to the story.

There are many sides to a story and everyone has the ability to offer new insight to a conversation surrounding current events.