Bloom Market

Bloom Market


Across the United States of America, there are hundreds of thousands of food deserts. These communities lack accessible and affordable healthy foods in their area. We found that in our own community of Savannah Georgia, there are multiple areas in the city which are classified as a food desert.

My team set out to design a solution to provide the community of West Savannah, and other locations, with healthy and fresh food by using the future of 5G technology.


Team Members:

Gwendolyn Leister
Juliana VanMatre
Anna Frederikse
Chris Bailey
JC Fennell
Aby Iberkleid


The Problem

There are too many Americans that lack meaningful access to fresh, healthy food close to their homes and neighborhoods.


The Solution

Bloom Market is a farm to community connector, bringing people together over something we can all agree on: everyone deserves easily accessible, healthy, nutritious food.

Boom Market works via a network of highly mobile, autonomous vehicles bringing farm fresh food to your neighborhood on both a daily and on-demand basis.

“People have to wait a whole week to get something [from Farm Truck 912]… if you run out of something, and you have a grocery store there, you are going to go right then and there.”
— Ronald Williams, President of West Savannah Community Organization
“A demand for healthy food will cause a change.”
— Paula Kriessler, Director of Healthy Living & Community Development

Survey & Interview Insights


Government policies make healthy choices more difficult.

The West Savannah community has become disconnected as a result of low visibility, historic disenfranchisement, and stereotypical narratives.

There exists a community demand for fresh, healthy food.



Bloom Final Presentation copy.005.jpeg

Bloom Vending Vehicle


Uses 5G technology for optimized way-finding.
Runs on a fully electric engine.
Large interactive display for ease of use.

Bloom Market App

Bloom Market App Screens.jpg

Learn where your food comes from.
Find the next stop for active vending vehicles.
Decide your local truck’s inventory.

Process Book