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Millennials & Space Travel

Millennials & Space Travel


Over the course of ten weeks, my team began preforming and learning the methods of contextual research for human centered design. Starting with the broad topic of the 'Millennial', we began preforming secondary research to gain a better understanding of who they are. Then utilizing IDEO's guidelines for human centered design, we found the topic of interplanetary travel to be something that is targeted towards the younger generations. From there, we dove into learning if there was any truth behind that statement through surveying peers and strangers, sorting all the data, then produced a 40 page magazine detailing all of our findings.



One of my roles was to create the visual designs for the posters that were to be posted all over campus that would link user's to our survey. Using Snapchat's QR code reader built into the app, we were able to access many more young people who would've not had a regular QR scanner. 



With the data we received through surveys and primary research, I designed different infographics and mock ad's for the magazine. 


Process Book can be found HERE


Savannah College of Art & Design
IDUS 215 - Contextual Research Methods
Professor Kwela Hermanns, Spring 2017