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Infinitum is a fictional service that would exist in a future where the consumer would be able to experience all alternative worlds associated with themselves. This would create a unique and insightful adventure for the user to learn more about their current place in the universe. It could even be a means of escaping from the current reality we are all physically stuck in. 

Arriving at this idea started with three weeks of brainstorming, research, ideation, and visual experimentation. All of this started from a simple two word combination; virtual death. This phrase, when presented amongst many others, jumped out at me immediately. From that moment on, I began exploring what this meant figuratively, literally, as well as what it meant to me. 



Before starting the final deliverable for the brand, the first step was to take those two works Virtual Death and run with them. Make any and every connection that one can with those words, to find their meaning in the world and what those words mean to me. Staring with basic definitions, synonyms & antonyms, mind maps, quotes, and my own perception; to drawing initial inspiration boards, color palettes; and ending with a final mood board, demographics, user persona's and stating the ultimate goal of my brand. This three part booklet was a the foundation for this whole project and was essential to discovering the purpose of Infinitum.

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Logo Design

The first step for creating the Infinitum brand was to design what brand identity. One of the major influences for this design is the story and conceptualization of the Library of Babel. The design of the icon is representative of the multiplicity of realities that exist, and the center-most ring being the one was are living in right now. And there are so many other realities surrounding us that we just having tapped into yet, which is represented in the warped & expanding rings around it.


Marketing Brochure

The second step was to design the brochure that would could be mailed out to people who were interested in the service. This brochure was were I could expand upon the visual design of the brand. I went on to explain what technology would be used in brief. I used the company Neuralink, which aims to create a non-invasive brain to computer interface, as the required ‘software’ that is needed for somebody to use the service.

more posters-02 copy.png

Poster Design

To complete the campaign for Infinitum, I designed a poster that could be printed and displayed in public spaces to gain public interest in the service. I utilized the original form of the logomark and expanded upon the swirling shape to create a visually overwhelming and captivating figure. This figure, similar to the logo, represents the hundreds of different realties that exist just outside of our single reality. 


Process Book